My video of Peyragudes 2013

Peyragudes Never Dies 2013 from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.
One hella sick race up in the Mountains of France, super fast and super fun!
For more info of this race:

My video of KNK 
KnK FUN FUN FUN from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

Kozakov with the Girls

kozakov Girls POV freeride from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

Almabtrieb Racing days 

Maga McWhinnie at Almabtrieb 2013 from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

Knk bitches!!!!!!!!:)

KnK remix (feat. Maga, Thor, Dejan Mustard, Luca and Rob) from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Swiss Freeride: Gioasteka!!!

Gioasteka flowing with Maga from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

1st day ,1st practice and runs with the boys at Almabtrieb.

Almabtrieb day 1 with maga from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Fun Free ride with Marisa and Astrid

3 Big Spenders. from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

The Bends : Cali Ali's video of us having fun at our fav hairpins-park.

Newtons Nation IDF World Cup: Girls final. Got it out of the life stream footage and edited a bit.
Womens Final Newtons Nation 2013 from maga mcwhinnie on Vimeo.

All stars race WW3 : Girls final video made by Matt K (SkatehouseMedia) with Marisa and Gemma


Grom Bomb Girls Final: Video of the last GB girls final in sydney. Made by Rob McWhinnie (do epic shit)

grom bomb - maidens final from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Thane Destroyer: The Shred Shed made a video of us in my favourite free ride spot in Sydney. This spot is super gnarly, fast, steep (one corner 24%) and FAST!!!!

Maga McWhinnie - Thane Destroyer from The ShredShed on Vimeo.


NSSR 3: Hanging out with the  North Shore Safety Riders


Chilling: The Leg burning track haha

Teolo WorldCup 2012:
With Kim , Tb and Alex

Kozavov 2012:
IGSA Kozakov Challange 2012 official - documentary from 3heads on Vimeo.

The Magic Chilli March 2012:
Rob filmed me in my fav downhill run.

Magic Chilli from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Two Paths:
Rob and I got back to Sydney!!!
Two Paths. from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

End  of the World Tour Jan 2012:
Rob, Jose, Marisa , Ishtar, Christian and me went on a skate trip to the mountains of middle of Peru (Cusco, Ica) to skate and discover this amazing territory with long and gnarly roads. Check my video channel to see this documentary.
the End of the World tour 2012 from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

It's all Downhill from here 2011:
Luca came for a month to Peru to joined us and film this amazing documentary. Check my video channel.

Peru - its all down hill from here. from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

The Return 2011:
We went to Acostambo the hill where Rob had a crazy accident.
Las Lagunas Oct 2011:
We went to Peru to compete in my first World Cup Copa de los Andes 2011. Thanks to my sponsors got a new leather suit, so I started training for my first big race getting used to my leathers.
Las Lagunas from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Torn Jeans and Sport Bras July-2011:
Mel and I went Noosa to learn how bomb a hill and get experience riding together.

My First experience down a hill (path) : Monkey Pig Derbi Race March-2011
I went to film the race and he secretly signed me up on the girls race against 4 more ladies.
End up getting second!
MonkeyPig Derby from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Byron Chicky Babes:

Rob and I moved to Byron Bay in 2011 while Rob was recovering from breaking his leg twice. While we were living there met some beautiful girls who shared the curiosity for start longboarding and so we learn together. Soon we realized this a passion that changed our lives and joined us together.

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